Statistics of Acid-resistant

Approximately 60 million adults report suffering from heartburn at least once a month. Statistics like that give you the impression that it’s nothing to worry about. However, that’s not the reality because if you don’t take care of your heartburn now, it can turn into something more serious. You can damage your esophagus beyond repair.

Statistics show that at least 25 million people suffer from it every day. That means one in 14 people out there deal with it. Many people have affected means they are not productive at work or in their daily lives when it happens. At least half of them suffer from nocturnal acid reflux, which regularly disrupts sleep.

Some acid reflux is related to hormones. Because of that, it is common in pregnancy. About 25% of pregnant women suffer from acid reflux every day. 50% of them suffer from it in the last trimester. This is because, besides hormones, there is additional pressure on the stomach.

An average person suffers from heartburn for several hours. The average stomach emptying time is 2 – 3 hours. That is a considerable time period to cause such pain and discomfort. If they experience acid reflux more than once a week, it may cause them some concern. Adults are not the only ones who suffer from acid reflux. Statistics show that approximately 15% of all babies and toddlers suffer from it. However, about 65% ​​of all people with acid reflux are in their 40s or older.

Medical professionals classify chronic acid reflux as a condition that occurs at least three times a week. People who experience this often should be concerned. That’s because they have a 50% chance of causing permanent damage to their esophagus. Doing interventions very early stage is essential to finding a successful treatment.

Approximately 20% of people with acid reflux develop its severe form, GERD. When this happens, a person significantly increases the likelihood of developing other health problems. This is because the immune system is weak. They also have a higher risk of esophageal cancer. It can spread to other body parts if it is not treated immediately.

Acid reflux is expected, but it is essential to understand that it is a problem. Most people assume that it’s no big deal because others suffer from it. When you neglect it, the more serious, it can cause you. At the same time, acid reflux is painful, and there is no reason for such pain to persist.

The statistics on acid reflux speak for themselves. If you are suffering from it, you must take action. There are a lot of things you can do on your own to get on the right track. If that’s not enough to give you relief, consider over-the-counter or prescription medications. You will find many ways to solve your acid reflux problems simultaneously.

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