Ways to relieve acid reflux at night

The average person has a hectic job, so when they can finally go to bed at night, they are ready for a peaceful sleep. That’s not always the case, although many people suffer from acid reflux at night. This can prevent them from getting a good night’s rest. As a result, they wake up irritated the next morning and have difficulty concentrating on the day ahead. If acid reflux occurs several times a week at night, it can make a person miserable.

However, there are a few ways you can relieve acid reflux problems at night. First of all, consider the diet. There are certain types of foods that can trigger it. Those that are spicy are very common, as is excess sugar. Changing a healthier diet can help you get a good night’s sleep without acid reflux problems.

Take the time to chew your food slowly and drink a lot with your meal. Drink tea or water instead of sugary drinks. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum as well. Don’t overeat, as this is likely to trigger acid reflux. Before you go to bed at night, drink something to help reduce the amount of acid.

If you like milk, you can drink it and get extra calcium. Some people prefer a lukewarm drink at night, but you’ll get results with a cold drink too. Drinking hot tea before bed can also help reduce stomach acid. Drinking green tea with a meal or afterward will also help encourage proper digestion, so less acid is available to create such problems.

These drinks can also curb hunger later in the evening. Too many people look for those late-night snacks. Not only do they increase the risk of acid reflux, but they can also result in extra pounds that further exaggerate the problem.

The reason you may experience acid reflux at night has to do with the body lying down. This can cause more acid to flow into your esophagus than when you are sitting or standing. By making your bed higher at the head, you’ll sleep at an angle that naturally encourages acid to back up into your stomach.

You can easily add a couple of boards or bricks under the bed’s front. You can also use a thicker pillow or one designed just to reduce acid reflux. Research has shown that lying on your left side while sleeping will also help reduce the amount of acid that can cause acid reflux.

If you find that you suffer from nocturnal acid reflux regularly, then do something to prevent it. Too many people wait until their symptoms are over before doing anything. For example, taking antacids after meals will help relieve extra acid immediately. By neutralizing it, you can avoid suffering from acid reflux. Even if you experience it, there will be less acid so that the pain won’t be as intense.

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to function as they should. Don’t let nighttime acid reflux take that away from you. It will affect more areas of your life than you realize. If you cannot get results from such measures, you want to seek medical attention.

This is because your acid reflux could result from something else, such as an ulcer or hernia. It could also be triggered by various medications you are taking for other conditions. Identifying the source of nighttime acid reflux will help you find a cure. That way, you can return to enjoying those hours of sleep without painful interruptions.

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