Can young children suffer from acid reflux?

While acid reflux is usually something adults suffer from, research has shown that children can also experience it. Some babies are diagnosed with acid reflux as early as a few months of age. Most of us are used to seeing babies drooling from time to time. If it happens regularly, it can be a sign of acid reflux.

Many babies are very irritable when they suffer from acid reflux. You may find it very difficult to comfort them. They may also suffer when lying down and falling asleep when you rock them on your shoulder. Many parents mistake their babies’ acid reflux for colic. The symptoms are similar; Most of us don’t think of acid reflux and toddlers together.

For most babies, acid reflux is something they outgrow as they age. Then their stomachs can readily digest food. For others, a doctor will need to run tests to determine the problem. They can check the acid level in the esophagus to give a good indication. If inflammation occurs in the esophagus, it may require treatment.

As children grow older, they are often introduced to various new foods. That’s why they can eventually develop acid reflux. Some foods are not suitable for their body. This is especially true when they consume large amounts of spicy foods or acidic, fresh fruits. They should drink water instead of sugary juices and sodas every day.

Adolescents have many hormonal changes going on that can cause acid reflux for them. It may go away after they hit puberty, but in the meantime, it can be painful and distracting to them. Many teenagers don’t have the best eating habits, which can further irritate their acid reflux. If they use drugs or drink alcohol, they have a chronic problem.

More medical professionals are aware of how acid reflux affects children these days. That means you have a better chance of getting an accurate diagnosis. Parents should be aware that this can also be a problem for their children. Symptoms of acid reflux in children can vary in severity.

Some of the more common ones include chest pain, especially when they try to fall asleep. They may complain of burning sensations, sore throats, ear pain, and inability to sleep well. Pay attention to these concerns to determine if acid reflux is to blame. You want to comfort your child, so they feel their best and can get the rest they need at night.

Acid reflux in children can usually be resolved with over-the-counter medications that neutralize stomach acid. If it is ineffective, a doctor can prescribe prescription drugs that prevent acid production in the stomach. Changes in diet and ensuring they don’t eat in the hours before bed can also help prevent it.

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